Tiny House–Posting Flood Warning!

Hi subscribers!

I’m in love.

With a house.  That I built.  Humble?  No.  Small?  Nifty?  Cozy?  Crazy?  Yes.

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Thank you for following EarthArtBuild.  It has been a source of a lot of good feelings in my life these past few years.  As my philosophies on building have evolved, so has the website.  Laura and I just entered the “finished” phase for our first house–I’ve moved into it, the interior is generally complete, and pretty much every system is up and running.

This post is to warn you of what’s to come: a number of different blog posts.  I have identified 29 features that combine to make this house what it is, and I’m going to do short posts on each of these features.  That means that if you’re subscribed, EarthArtBuild might get a little annoying here real soon.  Sorry.  Feel free to unsubscribe, I won’t mind.

I hope these features can be (if still annoying) maybe an inspiration to others starting off on your own tiny journeys.  Thank you!


About J. Sky Orndoff

Synthesizing art and ecologic principles to create useful places, spaces, and structures
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