Design principles:

Examples of the principles we use to make our houses:

  • accommodate two adults living in a tiny space.  
  • Provide a fun domicile for very cheap.  
  • Look great.  
  • Feel homey and wonderful.  
  • Push our limits a little.  
  • Not cause you to go into debt.  
  • Kick you outside and onto hikes, rafting trips, skiing trips, outdoor sports, dance events, concerts, and other fun a lot.  
  • Be able to host as many as six people for an indoor party.  
  • Be able to host as many as 15 people for an outdoor party.  
  • Let in light.  
  • Be energy efficient.  
  • Not be too hard to build.
  • Be easy to clean and organize.  
  • Be fun to build.  
  • Be fun to live in.  
  • Promote love, laughter, connection, joy, ease of accomplishing, and a healthy life.

About J. Sky Orndoff

Synthesizing art and ecologic principles to create useful places, spaces, and structures
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