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Art is a philosophy of design, and of human expression.

We believe that buildings are art. Most of this art is formal, dictated by the dimensions determined by the construction industry. We believe that the art in our buildings deserves revival. Buildings are sculptures, a reflection of the human beings who made them. It is our choice whether buildings express our souls or our measuring tapes. At Earthartbuild we are striving to make our buildings exude feeling, human touch, human scale, human comfort, and beauty.

Sawmilling with wisdom: a visit with Neil and Dixie Meyer.

So in a blog about natural building and building with earth, is it okay to talk about how cool a sawmill is?  After all, it’s transforming a beautiful natural log into a rectangle.  But most houses are made from lumber.  … Continue reading

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Upstart Farm–Tiny Farmhouse

Laura and Sky of EarthArtBuild are planning an exciting winter of building.  Their projects: Finishing the Larsen Truss House on Hauser, and building a tiny house on a flatbed trailer.  Yes, EarthArtBuild is following the norm of the TinyHouse movement … Continue reading

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Cobwood Nook Update

Here’s an update on the cobwood project. Kyle and Kizzie have been going at an impressive rate with getting their cobwood room finished.  Recent additions include built-in solar oven, firewood storage box, ceiling, roofing material, walls up to the ceiling.  … Continue reading

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Composting Toilet Video

Here is a brief video introduction to the composting toilet we made in 2011 up at Freedom Ranch.  You can also see video of our rocket mass heater on its initial fire.

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Rammed Earth

Here’s a really cool project by Steve in British Columbia: Click Here.  Steve had some great answers about combining Rammed Earth and Insulated Concrete forms.  He seems to have his head on his shoulders, and have an impressive demonstration going.  … Continue reading

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Co-housing idea

A long way from realizing the idea, but maybe this is a promising arrangement of buildings for connection to the great outdoors, some personal outdoor space, attachment to community, sharing of essential but not super-frequently used utilities.  Food for thought.  … Continue reading

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CobWood Workshop September 9-11

Sign up for the fall workshop here. Come experience Cobwood, a natural synthesis of cob, cordwood, insulation, and thermal mass.  It’s the most natural way to build a winter-comfortable building in Montana.  Hosted on Freedom Ranch outside of Helena, MT.  … Continue reading

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