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Building is an iterative process of creation. What we do are structures that create places and spaces. That means a good place to sit, a good place to work, a good place to prepare food and laugh with friends. We consider building to be a verb, not a noun. It is a process that should incorporate mental preparation, careful planning, physical labor and celebration of life. Building is a joyful and strenuous process. We strive for the highest quality in terms of production experience and product delivered.

Tiny house features–Draining Dish Storage

So most kitchens in America are set up to do dishes like this: sink –> dish drainer on countertop –> dishes put away somewhere else. That’s a lot of countertop space used up!  And, while the dishes are drying, they’re … Continue reading

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Moved in!

Sky just moved into the tiny house. Official name:            Little Lion Current location:      Helena MT Current status:         Moved in, buried under feet of snow, water system nearly done. Here … Continue reading

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ShedMontana Launched!

So natural building hasn’t turned out to be super profitable.  Yet.  Hmm.  I think it’s because most people are a little scared of it, and the experimental nature of building with straw and clay and sand and log rounds is … Continue reading

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Glimpses of our tiny house

So, here’s a question: What should we name this expensive monstrosity that I’ve been building over the last six months?  Here’s a list of not very good potential names: –Mountain Yacht –Tiny Tim –Tiny Timothea –Tyrannasaurus Rex’s Chew Toy –MiniMollie … Continue reading

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Costs and Time for Tiny’s

Recently we were asked whether we would be willing to sell the tiny or build someone a tiny.  We realized that the answer took a lot of detailed explaining, and rather than write it again and again in response to … Continue reading

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Sawmilling with wisdom: a visit with Neil and Dixie Meyer.

So in a blog about natural building and building with earth, is it okay to talk about how cool a sawmill is?  After all, it’s transforming a beautiful natural log into a rectangle.  But most houses are made from lumber.  … Continue reading

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Montana Public Radio Premium: Wood-fired outdoor oven

If you live in Helena or Missoula, you’re in luck.  For a $500 pledge to Montana Public Radio, we at EarthArtBuild will spend two days this summer building you a wood-fired cob oven in your back yard.  See two posts … Continue reading

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