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Sustainability has grown in recent years from an abstract concept to a full on marketing campaign. Sustainability, as measured through ecology, economy, and society is a process we strive for. We are working to make our enterprises as “sustainable” as possible by minimizing our consumption, generating our energy through clean methods, maximizing our use of local, natural, recycled materials, and by building in such a way that our dependence on fossil fuels approaches zero. One of our founding members, J. Sky Orndoff, received the first “Outstanding Graduating Senior” award in Sustainability Studies from the University of Montana in 2008, and has attempted to follow this mandate in the fields of transportation, building, and lifestyle choices. While sustainability is no easy goal, buildings, their patterns, and the behaviors they shape can help us sustain our society for the long haul.

Composting Toilet Video

Here is a brief video introduction to the composting toilet we made in 2011 up at Freedom Ranch.  You can also see video of our rocket mass heater on its initial fire. Advertisements

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Rammed Earth

Here’s a really cool project by Steve in British Columbia: Click Here.  Steve had some great answers about combining Rammed Earth and Insulated Concrete forms.  He seems to have his head on his shoulders, and have an impressive demonstration going.  … Continue reading

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Co-housing idea

A long way from realizing the idea, but maybe this is a promising arrangement of buildings for connection to the great outdoors, some personal outdoor space, attachment to community, sharing of essential but not super-frequently used utilities.  Food for thought.  … Continue reading

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Sleeping Bag House–Photo Update!

Our Larsen-Truss “Sleeping Bag” house is coming along nicely.  All the roof sheeting is up and we’re soon to put the metal roofing up. Here are photos of the construction process: This hole took three people and one backhoe seven … Continue reading

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Backhoes and Bicycles: Construction Vehicles

Digging holes should be done with Fossil Fuels. To dig the entire foundation for the Sleeping Bag House, we used five gallons of Diesel. This would have taken three weeks by hand.  Thank you, Caterpillar.  On the other hand, getting … Continue reading

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Sleeping Bag House–Larsen Truss

So EarthArtBuild has been on a bit of a hold recently; we’ve been concentrating on other projects including a far too conventional home.  The one big idea we’ve included in that project is INSULATION.  Lots of Insulation.  In Montana, you … Continue reading

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Permaculture Learnings

Sky Orndoff and Laura Arvidson have joined 3.5 million odd others in Oregon. It’s a diverse State: from coastal rain forests to Mount Hood to Great Basin deserts. Four places visited so far: Dharmalaya, Circle of Children, R-evolution Gardens, Aprovecho. … Continue reading

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