Inspiration for this project has stemmed from many predecessors.

The first inspiration from this project came from our associate, Kyle Perkins.  Having built two cabins at Freedom Ranch on the Wakina Sky Ridge before he turned 23, Kyle has a lot of experience for his young age dealing with construction, environmental ethics, local bureaucracy, and motivating people.  His buildings are simple, beautiful, and are riddled with wonderful details and mistakes.  We have learned a lot from Kyle’s projects, and are constantly improving.  That said, Kyle was by no means unguided.  A list of his and our inspirations follows.

First Inspiration was Rob Roy with the book Mortgage Free.  This book details strategies on how to avoid paying too much for shelter.  His philosophical underpinings stem from Henry David Thoreau, one of the most beautifully American historical figures.

Another Inspiration comes from Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley, Authors of The Hand Sculpted House.  This book details architecture that celebrates human beings and the planet.  Their building philosophy is just right.

Another beautiful work is Kaki Hunter’s Earthbag Building.  This details a building system developed by Nader Kahlili, used to make earth into sculptural buildings.  An excellent website on earthbag building can be found at

Many inspirations come from here in Montana.  Tom Elpel of the Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School, author of Living Homes sets a great example of self-sufficient living.

Christopher Borton, director of the Sage Mountain Center, directs a wonderful property that inspired many of Kyle’s early designs.

Reeder’s Alley, a Historic Site nestled into Downtown Helena, has some fantastic architecture and a beautiful little community.  Here in Montana, our beautiful building roots reach deeper than many people recognize.

Christopher Alexander, a Berkeley, CA architect and co-author of A Pattern Language was an early inspiration at a truly vernacular, or artistic architecture.  This work is a cornerstone of our practices.

Leslie Jackson, a long term earth builder, has a great website:  Check it out!

Sky’s main employer is pretty neat! is a great place to generate green power from. is our new world portal for our ideas and services.  Here we air our ideas on tiny building design and construction.  Check it out!



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