About EarthArtBuild

EarthArtBuild is a Helena, Montana based organization dedicated to creating artful buildings that meet the challenge of being ecologically friendly and inexpensive.  We use predominantly natural materials to build architecturally stunning, inexpensive, energy efficient, comfortable buildings.

EarthArtBuild is a collective company.  We specialize in building applications of earth and ecologically sensible materials.  Earth is fun, healthy, and exciting!  Check out the website and its posts to learn more about us, how to get involved, how to hire us for projects, and a whole lot more.

Past projects include:

Cardo’s Baby Dome

The baby dome: exterior finished

Cardo’s EcoDome

Built of local soil, sand, and reject grain bags, cardo's ecodome takes shape

Cardo’s Rocket Mass Heater

Heating the Communal Greenhouse at Cardo's Farm

Lots of Drystone Masonry (landscaping) in National Parks and forests including Rocky Mountain National Park, Inyo National Forest, Bandelier National Monument, Plumas National Forest

Kyle’s Cobwood outhouse

Toilet skeleton stands tall




Kyle’s Rocket Mass Heater:

Rocket stove in the making

Theoretical work on alternative transportation: see Sky Orndoff’s college thesis here


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