Volunteering at EarthArtBuild is a great way to gain experience in natural building andecologically friendly living.


Expense-paid volunteer camp June 10-June 30, 2011

This summer we are hosting a three week volunteer camp/workshop outside of Helena with the intention of building a small dwelling.

Because the project is so tiny, we will be making this building from start to finish in three weeks.  This exciting process will enable you to experience many elements of construction: from foundation work to plumbing and solar system installation to furniture sculpting to roof construction.

The camp will be hosted on Freedom Ranch, three miles outside of Helena in the South Hills.  You will be volunteering as part of a group of six other people, ages 17 to 21, working, playing, and camping out together.  The program will run from June 10 to 30, seven days a week.  During the first two weeks, expect to sculpt the building for about seven hours per day.  The last four days will be a backpack or kayak / canoe trip.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get an exciting experience in ecologic living skills.  You are a valuable resource in the quest for the highest quality environmental solutions.  This is a great chance to learn things you would never learn in school, help build an exciting movement, and deepen your understanding of art, the earth, and our ability to live gently on the planet.

Interested?  Read more by clicking here


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