Summer Volunteer Camp Details

EarthArtBuild’s summer 2011 Volunteer Camp

This camp will be modeled after a traditional volunteer conservation crew. Accepting applications from youth all over the country, EarthArtBuild will assemble a crew of between six and eight youth for our summer program. We will start by picking people up at the Helena Regional Airport at 2 p.m. June 10th. We will provide all food, and members will cook and clean on our backcountry cooking set up.

The project site will be Freedom Ranch, which is seven acres of meadow and woodland located at 5,200 feet in the South Hills of Helena. The Ranch is surrounded by national forest and the only access is by footpath, about one mile from Oro Fino Gulch Road, near the town of Unionville. We will take occasional trips to Helena, three miles away, to resupply on food and supplies. Most of the building materials will be found on-site, but we will be bringing in strawbales, clay, electrical wiring and fixtures, windows, roofing, and insulation by truck using one of our forest-road egress permits. Bathing opportunities will be limited, but we will take frequent trips to nearby lakes. We will predominantly be camping, but we can use the Freedom Ranch facilities (two cabins located a few hundred yards from our building site)

The project we will be working on will be the construction of the Pear House (see plans for the building by clicking here). The goals of the project are to provide a quality learning experience for members; create an amazing artistic, comfortable, environmentally friendly, functional dwelling using predominantly local materials; and further EarthArtBuild’s mission of pioneering appropriate building technologies.

Applications for this camp are being accepted now. The deadline for applications is May 15. Get started on your application.


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