Who We Are

Above:  a photo of four members of EarthArtBuild during our first annual EarthArtBuild Collective ski trip.  Left to Right: Kyle Perkins, McKenzie Homan, Laura Arvidson, J. Sky Orndoff.

EarthArtBuild is an open collective of builders, artists, and earth students who create beautiful, functional, and efficient spaces using mostly natural materials.  We strive to create community in all we do.  We strive to minimize our harmful impact on the planet.  We strive to use healthy materials, and use them to their highest and best use.  We strive to have a good time and not be too serious.  We are open to suggestions to improve our designs and work.  We are looking to grow our team.  If you are interested in joining our collective, working on our projects, commenting on our processes, or becoming otherwise involved, please contact us.  If you have helped on any of our projects, you are a member of our team.  Get involved and get yourself on the list below!

Below is a partial list of participants, their roles, experiences, and contributions to our project.

Sky Orndoff–Trained as an energy auditor, a dry stone mason, a ceramic artist, and a sustainability studies graduate, J. Sky helped found EarthArtBuild in 2010.  Having completed countless landscaping projects and contributed to a number of building projects, J. Sky is excited to extend his building experience through two building projects in 2011.

Kyle Perkins–Training toward an Engineering Degree, Kyle has completed two off-grid building projects on his Helena area Freedom Ranch, and is currently renovating two homes in the Helena City Limits.  Great at motivating volunteers and having a good time, Kyle is currently enjoying Montana and processing timber for our upcoming projects.

Laura Arvidson–As an enthusiastic naturalist and student of ecological processes, Laura keeps our operation connected to earthly rhythms and human abilities.  Laura was the volunteer coordinator for our project on Cardo’s Farm in 2010, and intends to remain involved through cobing up a storm in the summer of 2011.

McKenzie Homan–Keeps it real.


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